About Us

Carla & Annie

We are Carla Hellander and Annie Baker, sisters, dedicated to the well-being, of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. They have become our passion and have enhanced our lives in many ways.

Our journey began when we went to look at a litter in Vermont bred by another shepherdess Carla knew. Having bred and shown Romney Sheep for 12 years, Carla saw her first corgi at a sheep show and was instantly smitten with their endearing nature and natural spunk.  She asked her sister Annie who had just lost her own dog to come along with her to get her new puppy. Once there she decided on taking two home and thankfully during the long drive home, Maddie wound her way into Annie’s heart! After a few weeks of loving these pups we attended our first Mayflower Specialty 2000. Seeing all the beautiful corgis and meeting wonderful people that day, corgis entered our lives in a big way.

After the experience of breeding sheep and Annie showing horses we knew we could do this well. That year we attended our first National and acquired our first show dogs. We were fortunate to have mentors who had successful kennels and were generous enough to share their knowledge and friendship with us.  For our first 10 years and living 2 hours apart, we had our own prefix’s, Carla “Moosehill” and Annie “Heartwood”. Being sisters, traveling together to show’s, we decided to join forces and start breeding under a new prefix “Homespun”.  We find it is a lot more fun and rewarding sharing in the joys of breeding and showing with a partner and sister.

Thank you for visiting our site and getting to know us.